Open HRMP communication between Pichiu Network(paraid 2102) and Pangolin Parachain


Greetings community of Darwinia Network!
I'm Razvan - Senior Blockchain Developer representing Kylin Network Dev Team and our Community of Kylians. We want to propose the opening of an HRMP cross-chain communication channel between Kylin's Canary Network -Pichiu Network (paraid 2102). Initially, the main usecase will be to transfer PCHU and PRING between the two chains, after will enable access to our Kylin Oracles and APIs.

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  1. Pichiu Network propose to request to open Pichiu Network to Pangolin Parachain HRMP channel
  2. Wait until proposal on step 1 get approved & encated
  3. Pangolin Parachain propose to accept the request and request to open Pangolin Parachain to Pichiu Network HRMP channel
  4. Wait until proposal on step 3 get approved & encated
  5. Pichiu Network propose to accept Pangolin Parachain to Pichiu Network HRMP channel
  6. Wait until proposals on step 5 are approved & enacted
  7. Wait for another session on Rococo for the change to be effective
    XCM based crosschain transfer will be possible at this stage.

The proposedMaxCapacity and proposedMaxMessageSize are set to the values of Rococo’s configuration.activeConfig.hrmpChannelMaxCapacity and configuration.activeConfig.hrmpChannelMaxMessageSize values, respectively.
Pichiu Network has already created channel request and we are looking forward to the next steps.


Hello! Glad to get connected!
Due to the limitations of our current dev resources, we may need to pend the HRMP Pichiu Network and Pangolin Parachain. It is expected to be processed in mid to late November.
But let’s keep the discussion for future communications, thanks!