Guide: How to use the SubSquare platform for Crab Network Governance?

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SubSquare allows Crab Network members to take on an active role in network governance and helps members to:

  • Discuss: Use the built-in forum to discuss issues and improvements, meanwhile, propose new ideas.
  • Track and voice opinions: Track ongoing proposals/referenda and voice opinions before and during voting.
  • Vote: Use the simplified interface to quickly cast a vote.

To check or vote in a referendum, make sure that you are registered or logged in to SubSquare and follow the steps below.

  • Login with Web3 address: Subsquare requires an account. Make sure you have a Web3 address linked.
  • Set Email: This step is optional, and setting up an email can help you get alerted when someone comments on or replies to your message.
  • Create an On-Chain Proposal: Anyone can make a proposal if they have locked enough governance tokens. This involves 2 steps:

Creating the on-chain proposal via Polkadot Darwinia Crab Apps.

Adding text/arguments/explanation to your proposal via the Subsquare governance platform.

Once a proposal is created, governance participants are asked to support proposals. One proposal per week is promoted to a referendum.

Important: You need to convince the community that your proposal is useful and deserves backing. Only proposals with sufficient backing from the community go to vote. For this, you need to upload a description on SubSquare and participate in the discussion.

  • Vote on Referenda: After a set number of blocks, the proposal with the highest backing staked governance tokens will be put up for a vote. Once a proposal is decided to be voted on, it is called a referendum. Click on the referendum you would like to vote on from the list of referenda.

On the right side of the referendum, you see a module that will allow you to vote on the referendum with your staked governance tokens (CRAB). To place a vote, you will send an on-chain transaction.

Once the voting period is over, you will see the result of the referendum in the same module that you voted through.

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