HRMP Channel Between Robonomics and Darwinia Crab

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Greetings community of Darwinia Crab! I am Ivan, a member of the Robonomics Network team.

On behalf of Robonomics I propose to open a bi-directional HRMP channel between Robonomics and Darwinia Crab. Robonomics Network is interested in a way to bridge our ERC-20 and parachain native tokens to make a service for transferring them in between Ethereum and Robonomics parachain on Kusama. One of the important steps in this direction is the opening of the HRMP channel.

Technical details

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  1. Robonomics creates a request to open Robonomics to Darwinia Crab HRMP channel (hrmp.hrmpInitOpenChannel for paraId: 2105).
  2. Darwinia Crab proposes to accept the request (hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel for paraId: 2048).
  3. Darwinia Crab creates a request to open Darwinia Crab to Robonomics HRMP channel (hrmp.hrmpInitOpenChannel for paraId: 2048).
  4. Robonomics proposes to accept the request (hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel for paraId: 2105).
  5. XCM based cross-chain transfer will be possible at this stage.

These extrinsics need to be called with the parachain’s sovereign account. To achieve this, Robonomics and Darwinia Crab should use polkadotXcm pallet to send XCM messages to the relay chain, by executing the following extrinsic from the parachain.

Robonomics has already created channel request and we are looking forward to the next steps.

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So excited to see this connection finally happen!


Due to the limitations of our current dev resources, we may need to pend the HRMP Robonomics and Crab Parachain.
But let’s keep the discussion for future communications, thanks!


Got it! Let us know, when you will be ready.

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