Darwinia integration into web3alert.io


Proponent: 2svNqNCFGDgeGXw5AXK8vSLdp5tjRfDwbHLQieE4NpEmbbac
Date: 26.09.2022
Requested: 4428 EUR / 0.006 = 73 800 RING (based on 7day avg rate by Coingecko)
Short description: Web3alert.io maintenance costs for Darwinia at the rate of 600 EUR/month (+ VAT)


About team
We are a full stack team that has been working with Polkadot and Kusama for a long time.
Part of our team may be familiar to you as members of Ryabina validator.
We earlier developed https://t.me/Darwinia_Ryabina_bot.
Substrate part of our code is open-source: https://github.com/web3alert/substrate-client

Context and Problem Statement
https://web3alert.io is a service that listens for events on blockchain networks (including Kusama, Polkadot and some Substrate networks) and sends notifications about them to messengers. At the moment, Web3alert supports Telegram, Discord and Slack.

Problem 1: Absence of a unified tool for instant alerts about on-chain events in the substrate ecosystem.

Goal 1: provide Darwinia users with immediate access to on-chain data on. Web3alert operates across several Substrate-based networks. Despite the differences in the networks, the subscription creation path is the same.

Problem 2: High entry threshold for users who want to know what's happening in different networks

Goal 2: provide Darwinia users with an interface that allows users to create and manage subscriptions to on-chain events of different networks in one place.


Problem 3: Absence of alerting service that fits a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced developers.

Goal 3: allows Darwinia users to easily set up subscriptions to necessary notifications, and for this purpose, there is already a ready-made tool - Simple mode. There is no need for beginners to dive into the modules, calls and events to set up subscriptions because the most popular and useful ones are already collected here.


In contrast, the Advanced mode allows experienced users to create subscriptions to any event or call which can be useful for specific tasks and situations. All the modules, events, calls and filters: no matter what you need it is there! It can be a significant feature for the networks’ developers, as soon as receiving an instant notification about events can save time, reputation and money.


Problem 4: need to get notifications instantly on your smartphone / tablet / laptop / PC

Goal 4: provide users with a variety of messenger choices. Notification messages can be received in Telegram, Discord or Slack - three of the most convenient and thus popular messengers within the crypto community. The alert message contains information about Network, Module, Event happened, as well as other parameters such as addresses or amount (f.e. in a transfer alert).

The costs to be covered include the following items the team will work on for the proposal for the next six months:

Updating the code base:

  • Control of the code relevance and current/future functions compatibility with the latest versions of Darwinia.
  • Timely update of dependencies including api.
  • General development of Darwinia integration - new features, fixes of possible bugs.

Servers and maintenance:

  • Development of internal infrastructure and work on stability and high uptime of Web3alert - increase of fault tolerance, monitoring improvement.
  • Fast response to service downtime and possible incidents, including on-chain metadata updates.

Users support :

  • Technical support for users and developers using the service.
  • Work with the community.
  • Creation of training materials.

TOTAL per month = 600.00 EUR
TOTAL for 6 months = 3,600.00 EUR
VAT 23%* = 828.00 EUR

*Please note that we will have to pay VAT. This is a peculiarity of Portuguese law, arising from the inability to prove the location and legal status of the payer (Darwinia network).


Thanks for your interest in Darwinia Network. We will check and give feedback as soon as possible.


After discussion, the Darwinia team feels that the Web3 Alert project is unsuitable for Darwinia's ecosystem needs for now. Therefore, we decided not to accept Web3 Alert's treasury application for now. Thanks for your attention to Darwinia, and we hope to have other cooperation in the future.